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Tetley Street School Club Physical Activities

Once inside The Adventure Centre our members have a wide selection of physical activities to keep them interested and busy, including a 5-a-side football pitch, pool table, trampoline, Air Hockey table, ball pool and a padded play area. For those members who want a more creative activity we provide many alternatives. Artistic Activities - Leisure Activities.

FootballTetley Street School Club 5-a-side Pitch in the Sports Hall

Whether you take football seriously or just want to kick around with your friends, our Sports Hall has a 47ft by 25ft football pitch, complete with 5-a-side goals and safety mats.Tetley Street School Club football pitch with goals and safety mats

The Sports Hall can also be booked for football parties and is used for team games.

Air Hockey

Air Hockey at the Tetley Street School Club

Air Hockey proves very popular with our members.

Ball Pool

The Ball Pool at the Tetley Street School Club

The Ball Pool within the Fun Room is great fun for our members.

Padded Play Area

Padded Play Area at the Tetley Street School Club

Padded Play Area provides a safe environment to release energy.


The Trampoline at the Tetley Street School Club

Our 14ft Trampoline has side nets for safety and is a fun way to exercise.